It seems like Jasmine Uzria has not only blended her products with the most potent natural ingredients but has also added a great amount of sophistication and a pinch of integrity. This is it, the gap has been bridged between luxury and organic. Call it the italian class but Jasmine prefers to stay in the shadow of her products and let them speak for themselves.

Back to the roots - italian meaning of Radice - it’s her grandmother Liliana who used to craft products and lotions by hand in her pharmacy in Rome, who ignited the beauty virus within Jasmine. She decided to study natural pharmaceuticals and worked as an herbalist while elaborating creams by hand with ingredients grown in her own garden in Tuscany.

“I make the myrrh oil myself. I let the oil infuse under the sun in Tuscany in an amber jar for over a month. In this way, I can extract all the benefits of the resin.” Jasmine Uzria.

This entirely manufactured and timely precised process allows the optimal consistency and nutritional content of the creams and ointments, for the best absorption by the skin.

Her products are therefore treasuring the artisanal processes kept through generations of Italian tradition.

Apart from contacting her directly to buy these beauty treasures, only a carefully selected small handful of stores have the privilege to carry her products. Fortunately, we are one of them.