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What is Gua Sha:

Gua Sha is a healing and medical technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to scrape (Gua) the skin and release it from pain and disease whilst ‘Sha’ refers to the redness that can rises to the skin as the body releases toxins.

Gua Sha is the most effective when used in combination with an oil or a balm to effectively lubricate the skin and allow a better muscular relaxation. By deeply massaging the skin, it works to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow. Ancestrally, the Gua Sha tool could be found in different materials such as jade, horn, porcelain or plastic, depending on the social position.

Nowadays, Gua Sha is clearly having a moment and has become the ultimate beauty tool used by expert facialists to effectively lift, detoxify and plump the skin according to a very slow, relaxing and precise choreography.

What is Kobido:

Originally Kobido means "Old Beauty Path" and take its roots in 1472 in the province of Shizuoka where two masters of Anma, ancestor of shiatsu, clashed to assess their mastery of Kyoku-te (a specific percussion technique with folded hand) in order to satisfy the Empress who demanded a special care to maintain her beauty. After several months of competition without being able to choose a winner, the two masters unified their talent and created the Kobido House, whose exclusive treatment was reserved for impresses and geisha. They established a real art of rejuvenation that consist of 48 distincts protocols which focus on special percussion based treatment, transmitted from master to student for twenty-six generations. Our Kobido Lift massage is an inspiration from this traditional method. You can expect to get up from the massage table with the feeling of a very firm skin, present muscles and a real lifting effect without any injections needed.

ID - Stephanie Oviedo

Stephanie is trained in energetic cares, Reiki, chromotherapy and foot reflexology. She is also an experienced naturopath, aromatherapist and phytotherapist. And because apparently she still has some free time, she is now studying astrology.

We asked her a few questions.

What’s your definition of beauty?

For me, beauty is a spirit that can be invoked, that is in each of us and everywhere else. I love the emotivity that brings the feeling of being beautiful, feeling exquisite ...I feel a lot of gratitude and respect for my body.

How did you come to natural skincare?

I was a beautician for eight years, life invited me to expand my vision of well-being when I started to develop huge skin allergies to cosmetics from petrochemicals. At the same time, I felt a great call to train myself in the holistic vision of naturopathy and the energetic dimension of who we are.

How does the facial massage strengthen the visible & immediate result on the skin?

The facial massage relieves tension and relaxes. It releases tension, makes lines and wrinkles less noticeable by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation. It "tightens" the facial muscles, rebalances hydration, reduces impurities and toxins, and increases the radiance of the skin.