Why Labelchic Agency is so unique: 

We are at the heart of women's desires

Focusing on trendsetters who have a unique vision of our wild world, we dig and analyze their most intimate desires and reveal their cutting-edge vision of life, food, well-being, beauty etc. We identify their concerns, unearth their personal rituals, look for their secret beauty tips...

We are real indie brands experts (and addicts)

Digging the most confidential emerging brands, we deeply investigate their innovative universes and biases that revolutionized the way we consume. Indie beauty brands for example, through their quest of naturality, exceptional sensoriality and their culture of the most precious and potent ingredients, are a strong source of inspiration for all actual brands.

We hunt the best hidden spots

Exploring the most vibrant cities, we detect disruptive places to inspire our clients. From state-of-the-art concept stores to exclusive and personalized services, we are committed to give you the freshest vision of tomorrow's retail.

We are a one-of-a-kind boutique

Situated within the edgy and arty area of Dansaert in Brussels, our boutique curates the best of natural beauty artisans and aims at redefining luxury skincare. We welcome our customers with a unique and personalized beauty experience. Everyday, we listen to their skin concerns, advise and support them in their natural beauty shift. We are at the heart of consumers' needs and insights. 


 With this material, we develop prospective books on specific topics, we create disruptive product ideas, we give specific care to graphic design, iconography and semantics, we identify specific opportunities to be grasped according to your brands’ values. Our areas of expertise : beauty, perfume, luxury, fashion, retail, art, design, lifestyle...

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more about Labelchic Agency: 
oceane@labelchic-agency.com // olivia@labelchic-agency.com